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Gyula town, the pearl of the Great Plain as also called, with its nice atmosphere, flowered parks, wondrous medicinal water and outstanding cultural programmes ensures memorable recreation for all the visitors.

One of the main attractions of the town is the 50-year-old Castle Bath, which under the shadows of high, old trees occupies the ancient park of Almásy Mansion on a territory of 8.5 hectares. During the last decades the Castle Bath has reached European standards and offers nice recreation for every age-group all the year round with its 20 pools, among them swimming-pools, children’s adventure pool, wellness centre, jacuzzi, pool with slide, wave pool, etc. In the medical department of the Castle Bath specialists’ examinations are available and visitors can take advantage of all kinds of pampering treatments like whirlpool bath, mud-pack, medicinal massage, hydrotherapy, remedial gymnastics, etc.

The brick fortress of Gyula built at the beginning of the fifteenth century is the only fortress in Central Europe that has remained in a sound condition and as such today attracts a great number of tourists. The Gothic castle was restored a few years ago, and within its walls several exhibitions and the castle chapel can be seen. From the castle tower a spectacular view of the whole town awaits the visitors. It is worth consuming some refreshment in the tavern constructed in one of the bastions, which gives the feeling of a Mediterranean atmosphere at summer nights. In the castle-yard and on the open-air stage of the boating lake, the internationally renowned Gyula Castle Theatre has been entertaining the audience with a great variety of programmes for decades. In summers a large number of visitors enjoy these theatrical performances and cultural programmes. The Castle Garden also provides a great deal of opportunities to enjoy the feasts and programmes of the town, like Border Castle Evenings, International Fruitbrandy of Littlestill Festival, Renaissance Carnival, etc.

The historic inner-town of Gyula has lately been given a new face. The recently reconstructed towncentre is fascinating with its spectacular fountains and the flowered pedestrian precinct. Numerous taverns, restaurants and confectioneries await the visitors, who long for gastronomical delights. A short sightseeing tour can be made round the town by a little train, and for tourists who are interested in museums it is suggested to visit the Erkel Ferenc Memorial House, Kohán Gallery, Dürer Hall, Ladics House and the famour Hundred-Year-Old Confectionery furnished in romantic style to consume a delicious ice-cream sundae.

For visitors who would like to pass their holidays in an active way, Gyula town has many amenities to choose from. At the Farmstead Museum not far from the town, one can try horse-riding or go for a pleasure drive. Brave visitors can take the advantage of the go-cart field or see a race at the nearby motocross field. For a silent relaxation we suggest the Körös region, which is a real paradise for anglers. At some fishing lakes it is guaranteed to have fish freshly caught for supper. The surrounding forests with the abundance of wild animals attract sportshunters as well. The nearby forests, like Városerdő (Townforest) by the river Fekete-Körös (Black-Körös) provide ideal opportunities for bicycle tours and hiking. It is also worth visiting the Szanazug beach by the river Kettős-Körös (Double-Körös) at the junction of the rivers Fekete-Körös (Black-Körös) and Fehér-Körös (White-Körös). On the Élővízcsatorna (Livewater Canal) which runs through the town a delightful experience in kayak and canoe can make the visitors’ holiday an even more adventurous and memorable one.